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First things first – Solar is not for everyone – and that’s no way to generate a sale, but its true. With today’s net feed in tariff you need to use the power that your solar panels generate when they are producing it  – and that is, when the sun’s out. Some systems are designed to store energy so you can use it later ( lights of a night time), but for grid connected users this is generally too expensive an option (at the moment). Just ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I use electricity during the day ?
  • Can I manage my useage by changing the time things are done to during the day eg. pool pumps, washing, dishwasher, pump, irrigation, processing, air conditioning, cooking ?
  • Do I have a suitable area for solar panels that is not in the shade ?
  • Would solar electricity save me money from my electricity bill?
  • Is it a good option environmentally?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. OK. We can analyse your electricity bill and/or install a data logger to map your hour by hour power consumption over a period of days and then accurately determine the size of system that suits your need. Oversizing a system is a waste of money, undersizing a system is an opportunity to save money wasted. Next step is to work out your solar installations cost, factoring in any government incentives such as STC’s, and considering your individual site details. We can also provide an ROI or Return on Investment calculation which will show the estimated timeline for pay back and cost savings. Then you can make your decision with confidence. We only use top quality equipment from the worlds best and most reputable solar manufacturers and suppliers.

Evison Little can assist with every aspect of solar, from your initial assessment to design and installation. Available in the Shoalhaven, Illawarra and Southern Highlands.

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